Entries by Luigi Reggi

Monithon at the United Nations – 4th place at the #OpenGovAwards!

The partnership between OpenCoesione (government initiative) and Monithon (civil society) represented Italy at the Open Government Partnership High-Level Event held on September 24th in the United Nations Building in New York.  The partnership was nominated through a public consultation that took place at the end of May 2014. The result is incredible – a fantastic 4th position […]

Why should we all become monitorial citizens?

A couple of weeks ago we presented a paper at the Smart City Exhibition 2013 in Bologna, Italy entitled “Citizen monitoring of cohesion policies in southern Italy and the development of civic communities”.  We tried to put our civic monitoring experiments in a context by collecting some relevant literature at the intersection of social capital, […]

Citizen Monitoring and the Reputation of the Government

At the final conference of the EIBURS-TAIPS research project, I had the chance to have breakfast with professor Lucio Picci from the University of Bologna.  Lucio is a well-known scholar in the e-government field, who have paid particular attention to governance issues. He served as a senior scientist at the Institute for Perspective Studies in […]