Posts kicks off

In the last few weeks, some devoted monithoners have reported on how the web  experiment was created. Through the Monithon web platform, the citizen can collect and upload reports, photos, videos and other information on how publicly funded projects in Italy are progressing. The projects that have been monithored during the 2013 Monithon Days are funded by both EU Regional Policy and Italy’s national Cohesion Policy.

The articles and blog posts by Davide Mancino and Cristina Tognaccini – in Italian only – focus on the potential of the platform for civic engagement.
With this brief post on the ePSIplatform, Matteo Brunati introduced the idea behind this initiative:

Civic monitoring is aimed at improving collaboration between governments and citizens. On the one hand, it enables citizen control over government spending. On the other hand, crowdsourcing information is a powerful way to drastically improve the quality of existing information systems and the quality of policy decisions